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Armor Turrets / Force Engine. Change the setting so moving the turret dose NOT force start the engine.
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Arma 3 is in the future so considering APUs in todays modern vehicles there is no reason why moving the turret would force start the engine. Mods usually remove this, but I dont see why the stock game cant add this small config addition.


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Get into the gunner seat of a armored vehicle with its engine off. Turn the turret and the engine unrealistically starts.

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Config setting needed under Turret to "fix":

startengine = 0;

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I think it would be impossible for the turret to move if it had nothing to power it but a car battery. Those turrets weigh like a ton.

do your homework. there are auxiliary generators and things like that. so it is possible depending on the vehicle. in 2035 this should be widely available;)

would be cool if this auxiliary system would make sound too. just the sound of some hydraulics working, some buzzing. of course not very loud.

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Really an APU would be used IF you were sitting still for protracted periods of time and needed to keep all the systems up, outside of that it doesn’t really fit into A3, as you are NOT going to be sitting still for protracted periods of time to warrant it.

Gustav, even wwII tanks could move the turrets with their engine off. It took human crank power, but it was more than possible and designed. Granted it was slower than with engine help...

Today you will NOT find a IFV or a MBT without a turret movable APU (Auxiliary power unit, aka electric engine that hardly makes any sound).


Twistking, adding a sound like that to the turret is fully possible and some mods do it already.


B101uk, I dont agree. Some servers are more realism than others and there are plenty of times you are guarding a area for a while. Its also in ACE, but its a simple fix to give people the option.

I like how people speculate things in development will be default in 35 like you people actually know that. Things today that are technologicaly advanced are probably outdated by 50 years in 35.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.