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Stryders pip not thermal
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in first person in stryder the PIP display shows thermal but in optics mode no option for thermal comes up


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get in stryder
look in first person
see PIP is in thermal
switch to optics mode
toggle thermal
no thermal

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There is thermal now, it is green, which is what all thermals should be. Only the recording turns grey, generally speaking most thermal systems uses green scale because our eyes can see green the most.

You mean thermal or IR? Anny way i hate the green thermal.. Hurts my eyes not to mention it doesnt even work that good.

Green should work better considering it is the color our eyes can best see. It works the same, just different..color.

Yhea but the green they use makes me wana puke :P its awfull. Atleast the Arma 2 OA ACE2 green in Thermal optics on the Bradly and stryker where awefull. Could hardly see enemy's nor they're siluete.

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