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Small choppers not working correctly
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Spawned as empty MH-9 Humming bird unable to enter chopper at all,
MH-9 If crewed sometimes get out of the chopper on spawning, and even unlocked still cant get in.

AH-9 Pawnee Can enter chopper and fly but pilot is looking at his feet, only way to fly is external view.


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Used editor Placed choppers from Empty menu.
MH-9 Unable to get in.

AH-9 Get in chopper you look at feet.

Created blufor Air choppers AH-9 with crew as group occupants
ordered out and was able to get in as pilot who looks in correct position.

Created blufor Air choppers MH-9 with crew as group occupants
ordered out and was able to get in as pilot this has done this several times where I couldnt get in.

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