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Some building positions are buggy
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When I try to get the building positions, some buildings have weird results.
Most of the buildings give the wanted results. It's just the odd one that has some positions that doesn't belong anywhere. {F20574} {F20575}


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_building = _class createVehicle [0,0,0];

			_building setPos [(((getPos player) select 0)+ 10), (((getPos player) select 1)+ 10), 0];
			_endloop = false;
			_sAr = [];
			_poscount = 0;
			if(_building isKindOf "House") then
			while {!_endloop && _poscount < 100} do {
				if(((_building buildingPos _poscount) select 0) != 0 && ((_building buildingPos _poscount) select 1) != 0) then {
					_s = "Sign_Arrow_Blue_F" createVehicle (_building buildingPos _poscount);
					_s setPos (_building buildingPos _poscount);
					_sAr = _sAr + [_s];
					_poscount = _poscount + 1;
				} else {
					_endloop = true;

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I have the same problem.

createVehicle doesn't seem to respect building positions. They are fine for the player, but once you start createVehicle'ing stuff like spheres and ammo crates, it just scatters the object around of the building instead of inside it.

I've included a demo: (SP).

Approach a building and radio-trigger 001 to see al sorts of red dots appear near the house, but never in the house.

002 to start of and then repeat 003 to go through the house positions. For the player it works fine. But once you start using inanimate objects it just fails. :-(

What does work is:

  1. create the object
  2. setpos the object

Create an ammobox called ammoBox.
Create a trigger with in OnAct: ammobox setPos ((nearestBuilding player) buildingPos 3)

This works fine.