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Alt Tab, changes text to unreadable, but resolution is the same.
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Some time when -alt tab-ing ingame the resolution stays the same, but the text become all garble. This happens at random it seems, but often enough to be annoying.

My res: 1920x1200


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Game Crash
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-Alt tab- until menu etc text becomes unreadable. Happens at random.

Additional Information

Some times, I can fix the issue by -alt enter- two times. At other times that dose not resolve the issue, but the game then only goes from a actual window to a "fake" window that is not full screen mode, nor a window, if that makes sense.

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wUFr added a comment.Jul 1 2013, 3:31 PM

"need more info" - what's your GPU, drivers (are updated ?), did that before ? ..

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I could not replicate this issue,

Windows 7 x64, lastest updates, beta nvidia driver on a GTX 660 nonti
CPU i3570k OC'ed to 4.3ghz
16GB of ram @ 1600mhz
running on stable.

wUFr added a comment.Jul 1 2013, 4:58 PM

i was asking info from guy who submited this issue, but ok. :D

btw i dont have any problems with alt+tab and im using it since alpha went public :)

+ what screen-mode you using ? fullscreen / windowed without borders / windowed

I know Wufr, I am just giving more info :P

I have a GTX680 (v 319.xx)and its been a issue since Alpha.
It seems to be a 1920x1200 issue.

If I lower the resolution to 1920x1080, which I have to do in the cfg file when the issues dosent fix itself because even a restart wont fix it. The cfg file edit fixes the issue and I do not have the issue when alt tabing in 1920x1080.

wUFr added a comment.Jul 2 2013, 8:12 AM

disable fxaa and aa and try again + did you do some modification of settings in nvidia panel ? that can do problems...

EDIT: New nvidia drivers released, try clean installation

Going from 319.xx drivers to the newest 320.49 (Release Date:2013.07.01) seems to have fixed the issue I had on 1920x1200 alt tabbing. :)

Issue fixed with new Nvidia drivers.