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When stepping on the grave in Agia Marina church in the north - get stucked inside
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On the north of Agia Marina there is small church on the hill. When i tried to step on some of them with "V" key, the unit falls inside a little bit and can't move. To get out need to press "V" again


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Place an infantry unit on the hill north from Agia Marina. Walk into church area and try to step on some of the graves

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Where's the irony in that?

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Ironic or not but standing on that position make it a great observation point without being seen.

May I ask for a screenshot of what and where you want to do?

The V key is used for "step over" not for climbing on top of objects.

Yes i know about that. But it also allows to climb on some of the objects well at least in the area i've discribed before and it allows you to put line of sight a bit above the fence. Unfortunately when i tried to make a screenshot by key i got full black image instead of a picture(

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