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Instant interaction button to interact with what you're looking at (like in any other game)
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In most other games pressing a single button instantly interacts with what you're looking at.

In ARMA by default "Space" once brings up a menu and twice it executes one action.
However this has been criticized because the action menu usually contains some complex actions such as changing weapons, magazines or deploying and activating explosives. As such when players approach a door and attempt to open it they can accidentally start changing weapons or detonating bombs simply because the door was slightly out of reach. Because the interactions are not visible until you open the menu you will have to open the menu and carefully select an action to make sure you do the right one which is counter intuitive and as the situation around you changes currently a lot of options have the potential to jump around a bit.

Adding an “Interact” button that only interacts directly with what you’re looking directly at would greatly increase the speed and security of common interactions such as opening doors, entering vehicles and so on.
“Interact” would only be used for the same actions that an action button would be used for in other games while these common interactions are also removed entirely in the action menu leaving a cleaner and more understandable action menu as well.

By default I suggest “Space” to common interactions.

On a final note having “Interact” also confirm action menu interactions that are selected normally would make the controls smoother and work as I think they do now with the default bindings.


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Make an "Interact" command that only interacts in a single way with any object and that only interacts with objects that are directly targeted.

If the action menu is currently being used "Interact" should also work as "Use selected action".

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This request is similar to #10731.

We already have a dedicated "Interact" button, it's the "Use default action" key.

The problem is it works even in the absence of available interactions since it can open the Action menu and work the same as "Use selected action".

I tried to explain why this is problematic in #10847.
Please vote and share your thoughts :)

also reported here:

at least the dev should get the message that the community want a better solution:D

upvoted nevertheless!

Yes, I say 0010731 but what the hell is that, really? ;)
It wasn't very well written.
I think your 0010847 and my report want nearly the same thing... I made mine before you did though!

0010726 is a bigger change.

This report in combination with 0010816 are my own solutions to the action menu issues.

I decided to make two separate reports for the different issues of the action menu so that people won't have to sign on to a system they don't like in its entirety.

I don’t agree with everything mentioned in 0010726. I think our main difference is he wants the “common interactions” to be many scrollable options while I only want ONE interaction on the “common interaction” button at any one time and all other interactions on the wheel as usual.

i have to admit, i've lost track of all the tickets concerning this issue.
my ticket is:
it is basically about having scroll-menu for self action and "use" button for contextual actions.
if you made the suggestion before me, i must have missed it, when searching. my bad!

feel free to post yout ticket in the comment setion of my ticket. i already upvoted yours!

No, I meant tarciop made it after me!
You're clunky-guy! You made yours before mine but I don't agree with all of it which is why I made this one. They're minorly different.

Anyways we’ll see what the devs do about it eventually. Whatever changes they eventually make will hopefully be okay.

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What about pressing mousewheel?!

@Coding: you could bind it to anything I guess :p

You already have a key for "default action". Bind it and use it. You are asking for something that is already in the game.

Dupe of #10726.