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Thermal Camouflage for Infantry
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People say thermal is OP. This is because there is no counter for the infantry.

Please add thermal nettings and make them as effective as thermal is.

added picture so people can see the difference between thermal signature of soldier before and after efforts have been made to reduce thermal signature;


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1 - Hide in bush with your squad in all round defense

2 - Whole squad feels likes the invisible death boss of virtual tactics

3 - Get whole squad wiped out by Ifrit GMG from 600m

4 - Think about thermal netting

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Your thermal netting is effectively a portable AC unit, because how else you going to mask your heat?

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:10 PM

ADAPTIV armor, or as in Ghost Recon.

oh my god why do people who know nothing vote?

just do a search for infantry thermal camouflage and look at pictures. yes krovogad im talking to you. wow. definitely should be some sort of screening process for this feedback system.

@DisasterMaster Thank you for your point, thermal camo is a real thing, I just can't imagine how it works :) Upvoted.

I have to support this motion. From a realistic point of view, even the insurgents in A-Stan know how to mask from thermal. More or less effective.

There are several ways to counter thermals, wearing a glass window is not the best option :D

You won't probably read alot about masking from thermals from an official point of view, because the enemy could make use of those tactics.

But this is the future and although I am against the sci-fi scenario, there are countermeasures already for this issue.

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I vote to add a uniform/vest that is light and has thermal camo, but has less pockets and armor

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