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Expanded Possibilities for Vehicle Control
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The Idea:
All possible control methods should be available for all type of vehichles!
Player could choose whatever he/she likes.

Control methods:

  • Available via joystick, gamepad etc (anything supporting analog input.)
  • Possible for air vehicles, should be expanded to land/sea vehicles too!

Keyboard + mouse position:

  • The mouse position represents the steering devices (wheel, joystick etc...) offset from it's zero position
  • This is the actual control for land/sea vehicles, should be expanded to air vehicles too! Also a visual indicator should be implemented showing the zero position and offset (for better feedback).

Keyboard + mouse movement:

  • Controlling is via mouse movement.
  • This is the actual control for air vehicles. This way, if you wnat to roll or loop 360° you will have to own a 1m*1m mousepad. (Personally i could miss this method, but too many players could have been got used to it...)

Also there sould be 2 or 3 step gas AND BRAKE via keyboard for all vehicle.
And it should work as actual gas and brake so applying low gas would not occur braking on downhill...

Thanks and vote up!


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