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Get in waypoint not working properly for helicopters
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The AI when ordered to get in an helicopter will not properly occupy its seats. Happens on all aircraft currently avaiable from the small AH/MH-9 to the CH-49.

Example: When editing a mission, if a team of AI (tested with four helicopter pilots) has the Get In waypoint over an UH-80, two of them will occupy the pilot and left gunner seats but the other two will move into the passenger seats.

WARNING: if you are the player and order them to get in (while in the pilot seat or not) the AI will get into the helicopter properly. This bug is related to the Get In waypoint. {F20531}


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Play the example mission or check the video.

Video link -

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Testing with full crew + 1 the 1 guy who definitely has no seat stays where he spawns. The two who should have gotten into co-pilot and right gunner run 50m behind and left of the UH-80 no matter which azimuth the vehicle starts facing.

i can confirm that, but did not test with latest build.

Seems it's not working for turret locations, even in other vehicles. If you orderGetIn to a valid turret location you get the same behavior as this.

"Something is not right there, getting in the gunner position of either marid or marshal and using assignedvehiclerole player returns ["Turret",[0]].
Using u1 assignasturret [apc1,[0]]; [u1] ordergetin true; , checking the assigned role of u1 returns correct as above but they do not react to the getin order, manuallly selecting u1 and pointing at the apc makes him load up as the gunner once he has been assigned that position :/" - Larrow from BIS forums


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Although as soon as the unit is ungrouped from you he will act accordingly and mount the vehicle in the correct turret position.

Steps to Reproduce:-
Place yourself down and one subordinated named u1. Create an empty Marshall and name it apc1.preview the mission.
In the debug console type u1 assignAsTurret [apc1,[0]]; u1 orderGetIn true;

Nothing will happen. Checking u1's assignedVehicleRole show it has been assigned properly.

Now do u1 join grpNull. and the unit will make a beeline for the apc and mount it properly according to assigned turret.

oukej added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 11:40 AM

Some of the AIs truly are lazy or feel to VIP and just sit in the back. We will try to teach them some proper discipline.

Thank you for your feedback!

oukej added a comment.Jul 8 2013, 11:13 AM

Should be fixed now.
(AI will now more likely fight for the front seat by the window than taking a seat in the back right away ;)

Thank you helping us improve the game!

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Confirmed fixed in latest dev build.