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toggle walk/run
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Arma is a game where you travel very long distances. Sometimes by foot. In this cases I wished I had a toggle run key that makes it possible for me to run without pressing w+shift all the time.

In dayz sometimes I used a knife between w and 2+3 to press it down over time.

I also do not want a Tool for it so you do not call me a cheater.


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there is one already........

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I searched in the options before posting this request

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There's a Walk Mode/Run Mode toggle, W+S, but there's no Auto-run feature which is what this ticket was asking for.

If you're going to be traveling long distances use a vehicle, don't run. :)

I think you are not talking about run/walk but run/sprint.
But since you are not able to sprint for more than a few seconds this is not really necessary.

OK, i give an example what the "new" function shall do:
I press ctrl+w (activate the function)
I go away, drink some tea, etc...
I come back
My character traveled 2km

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you want your character to stay running without pressing nothing? seriously? maybe that's good for wasteland or DayZ (wich can be added as a script, i think) but that would be STUPID in the standar ArmA, in both usefulness, and tactical aspects

Please tell me how I can play wasteland or dayz with such a function without editing the server.
Btw.: you know the currently most played mod in arma 2? dayz!
And I think in arma 3 are also a lot of wasteland servers...
I agree in normal arma it would be stupid to use it. Same as detonate a sachel in front of you. But it is possible.

Just use the knife again then or buy a small steel ball that fits perfectly on the key, its silly adding functions for the game to play itself while you go AFK.

Never ever... Tell us what you did in dayz..

There is walk/run and run/sprint already in the controls option. As you only want this to skip "boring" (It's boring cause you don't play it properly) parts, I downvote this.

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Why bother playing a game if you're not actually playing it.

I somthimes walk for hours in the game. But then you have 23 people with you and, some vehicles behind you. Witch actually makes it fun. Even do most of us are serious as hell. We do troll allot during hikes. What i mean is if you think its boring don't play or make it fun by playing with large groups of people. There is a reason they call dayz the hiking simulator since all you do is walk and run and yell and do nothing usefull.

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Coding, Learn about coding before you say it needs engine tweaking when its something that can be coded.

nobody cares what a mod did, even if it gave more money to BIS, there is already a DayZ standalone game, and the ArmA community want to forget the Wasteland/DayZ Fanboys from their game.

You guys arguing against this don't seem to understand that not all of us that want autorun want to get up and walk away from our computer. We just don't think that holding the "W" key for 15 minutes has any bearing on what's 'realistic' for a military sim.

If you're running in real life, do you sit there and think every two seconds, "Keep running forward, keep running forward, keep running forward..." Why does having a button that saves you from holding down the W key make the game any less realistic than what someone really does when they're running?

Being revived/respawned after you die isn't realistic either, but for the sake of making the game enjoyable, it's in there. Why punish the rest of us with carpal tunnel just because you want to hold down a key for 10 minutes?

To those that say you should just find a vehicle, that's not always an option in some missions/scenarios where vehicles are not prevalent all over the place. And speaking of vehicles, it's not entirely realistic than any soldier on the field can jump in any vehicle, heli or boat and know how to drive/fly/sail, but you can, once again, for the sake of making the game enjoyable.

I just don't understand this hate on so many people seem to have with the concept of an autorun key.

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I think we should use "Reciever" way to sprint, to tap "W" every time to make our soldier sprint, because if you think holding "W" to run its unrealistic, its no more unrealistic than having to wait in a chair without doing nothing.

you hate to respawn after you die? ask for a mission maker to make a mission without that feature, in A2 there were tons of that kind.

And yes, most of the soldiers DO know how to drive, if ArmA 3 uses finally TOH controls then you wouldn't know that much about flying a chopper, and sailing in a boat its fairly easy, even i learned how to do it.

It is very odd, but in certain cases, a soldier, not being Specops, have to steal or use civilian transport just to survive.

@Dr Death:
I am studying informatics.
I never marked this request as engine tweak. It is a feature request.
Scripts have the disadvantage, that each mission has to include them (work for missionmakers) and addons have the disadvantage that each client needs them before they can connect to a server. Unless BIS have no feature that autoinstalls addons it is really complicated if you have a few mods required.
If you engage me in personal I will report you. You are free to argument about this request.

that is exactly my opinion
Maybe the example with drinking tea was bad. I only want to make clean that it should work automatically.

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"If you engage me in personal I will report you."

what does that exactly mean? and how can you report me? there is no report buttom in this page. but if you want this feature in the vanilla game because you want it everywhere then you may as well be just lazy

I programmed the toggle walk/run key to be a double-tap of the w key.

So walk is w
ww (double-tap of the w key) puts it in run mode
Run is now w
ww (double-tap) goes back to walk mode.

My sprint key is different. But I suppose the double-tap could just as easily switch between [walk and sprint] mode or [run and sprint] mode.

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Downvoted. I didnt see any practical advantage.

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