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AI Will not face the enemy fast enough. Will spin endlessly.
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As I was rushing in the middle of the battlefield, I noticed a soldier failing to accompany his aiming towards me. So I decided to test it out.
Please take a look at the video.
I think this needs to be addressed otherwise the AI will remain poor in ways of CQC engagements.


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(AI setting = Expert, skill = Maximum)

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In the video, you may notice the AI goes prone pointlessly, considering how near I am to them.
Also, they still not look at you fast enough, even when they're crouched/standing.
AI will also not shoot you when you are extremely close to them.

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Note: You don't even need to be as near as I am in the video. If you're 20m away from him and keep on sprinting, he'll be able to shoot you, but he won't hit you.