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Alternative Mouse Control for Aircrafts - optional
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I would like to see an alternative mouse control for aircraft in ARMA3.
It should work like in MS Flight:
It is very similar to the current land vehicle mouse steering- just extended to 2D.

How it works:
Moving the mouse represents the offset (X and Y) of the aircrafts joystick form it's zero position. There should be a visual indicator witch shows the zero position and the offset for better feedback. This should apply to helicopters (cyclic control) and aeroplanes too. And of cours should be optional besides the current system.

With the current system if you want to make a 360° roll or loop, you will need 1m long mousepad.
With the suggested system you just move the mouse left, stop it, then - when you want to stop rolling - return it to the zero position. Just like your mouse was the handle of the aircrafts joystic...

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As there is already a similar option for ground vehicles, it feels inconsistent without this.

/Upvoted, but it would need visual indicator of mouse position (like in Arrowhead) and if for whatever reason you started using keyboard arrows the mouse would reset to center to prevented the vehicle turning in unwanted directions if mouse bumped.
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The visual feddback is mentioned in the post: "There should be a visual indicator witch shows the zero position and the offset for better feedback"

Also look at my related post:

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