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Pressing the E key to open/close doors to further streamline gameplay
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Breaching compounds etc feels a tad clunky, you dont have time to scrollwheel and select open door under fire (may seem trivial but selecting the wrong weapon, etc) makes for a less efficient breach.


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hey, i've written an explanation on how you could dramatically improve the action menu without big effort, that would allow just double-tapping the spacebar to do contextual actions like opening doors. should work fine!

have a look here:

Are you aware that you can bind the "Use default action" to, well, use the default action that usually appears as an icon on your interface? This replicates the behavior you're asking for.

Binding it to E yourself will produce the result you want. It's bound to middle mouse buddon by default in the default preset I believe, so there is no need to scroll.

I've demonstrated with doors here:

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Right, he just needs to assign E to "Use default action" under Options > Controls > Common, but beware!
If you don't press it at the right time (that is when the interaction icon is showing), "Use default action" brings up the Action menu anyway and can actually select actions once the menu is open.

Please see and vote #10847

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