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Please add functionality to the drivers position in armored vehicles
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Turret orientation icon when turned in so that your not constantly hitting the turret when maneuvering thru tight situations.

When the vehicle is put in reverse turn the view port to a rear camera view...simple/effective/with no fps draining like PIP would cause.

GPS available when turned in.


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When your playing as driver and turned in you need these tools to have any ability to fight effectively.

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of course the best solution would be a interactive-interior like light vehicle have, but the dev have already said, it would not come for apc and heavy armor.

as substitution i would request at least a more sophisticated solution than what we have at the moment. in addition to some more hud-elements, some form of rear-camera would be nice. i also like the idea of having it constantly as a pip element. (can be disabled in the option)

additionaly it would be cool to have some form of free-look. or a way to shift the view to the left and right to get a better feeling for the surrounding.

the game battlefield 3 made the view from the vehicle visually appealing through some pp-effects, if i remember correctly. can't find pictures, but i remember it looked somehow "cool" and they also had no modeled interiors for apc and tanks.

another suggestion:

underneath the main "window" you could have another monitor for gps and if enabled in video options a monitor for rear-view camera (pip) and a third monitor showing gunner's view (pip).
AA-vehicles could also have a little monitor with a working air-radar or something...

most importantly have some good graphic-artist make it look splendid! currently many arma GUIs look still look a bit dated.

wolfstriked, perhaps you could add the general request to make the driver and gunner view not only more functional but also visually more appealing.

I agree visually appealing is good for the simplistic driving view.I think digital numbers readout works bets and also goes with the 2035 time frame.Simple digital readout centered up top of screen while in driving view and only when turned in.

Heading 320'
Turret 9oclock

Something like that is modern looking.I'm not fond of the vehicle icon in a compass look.

Yeah, its time the driver view gets something like ACE where there is a box and indicator lines for where the gunner AND commander is viewing.

A second important feature the driver view needs to be at all functional in realism mode is a heading indicator. Its impossible to ask a driver to go heading 035 if he has no idea where even North is.


Arma 2 had heading indicators (mid top in picture).

please also consider this ticket for better UI/HUD in vehicles especially the APCs

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