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Helicopters and planes should have GPS display on the cockpit screens
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Using Ctrl+M to open GPS and navigate aircrafts is unrealistic.

GPS / navigation systems should be displayed on the screens inside the cockpit. Some helicopters have unused screens that can be used for this function. (Ctrl+M will stay the same. players will be able to use it , or the cockpit display)

However, if the screen is used (for example the AH-99 pip view)- then we should have the option to switch it to GPS, and then switch back to pip. {F20485}


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Maybe as an option but PiP kills my FPS, from 30 to 22, so I wouldn't want to see this forced.

Disabling PiP in video options increases FPS.

Is displaying the GPS map on a screen (unlike normal PIP use, this one won't be rendering terrain at all) PIP? I don't think it will decrease FPS

it would NOT decrease fps. it is somehow pip, but it is not "render-to-texture". render-to-texture is what decreases fps.

small but cool feature. upvoted!

Thanks! Attached a pic to show some of the black/unused cockpit screens

by the way, many of us do still hope, that the other mfd will get functional. for example with working radar or some kind of working fcs (fire control).

but still mfd could be switched by click of a button to show gps. so still a very good idea!

*edit* other ideas for more immersive and realistic heli-flying:

That's the point , I hope they will let us toggle between systems and displays , just like real cockpit screens allow

i think the gps is a very realistic expectation, as it should not be much work to implement.

Moving maps and "glass cockpits" are the standard of today so I see no reason for it not to be utilized in 2035.

Same goes for boats btw (highspeed boats got a couple of black screens, yet they also have a PIP one- which sohuld be low proirity in my opinion. First make sure all screens are working / displaying useful information and then add PIP). I think its time to get rid of those statis screens and make them functional. Seeing a statis low quality pic on a screen makes the game feel dated.

Caused by fix of #7407 - "give them the pinky finger, they want the whole hand..."