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Walking against buildings on startis airfield kills you.
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Something is glitchy bout the buildings on stratis airfield. Try walking against airtrafic controll tower. You will most likely Die.


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Just keep walking against the buildings on the airfield.

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I cant get killed no more so i gues its fixed. I wil try with different gamemodes later more scripting maybey that was the issue.

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Unable to reproduce

nope i left my laptop on for my stupid friends to get on. the tags have been spammed over all my posts -.-. Note im gona update it now that its reproduce its quite funny down you walk against a building and you get destroyyed.

Would be good if you could post screenshots of where it happens. All the buildings? Just the control tower? Specific parts?

Ima get the end of the day with better repport.

In stable revision is not reproducable, please describe it more.

I will record it when i get back from work. I have only experienced it in MP because thats the only time i try it.. I wil try both SIngle player and MP on the latest built (not dev built).

Nevermind it has been fixed in the new build. Did found that if you pres V while close at a building you step into its foundations and if you go prone you get stuck. But this post has been fixed. Thanks for fixing it :P

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

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