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Parachutes aren't working for (some) AI soldiers
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First thing (slightly off-topic) I'd like to mention is that free fall animation for AI soldiers(AIs) is a normal stance. They start with free fall, but then they stand up. This is on first picture(pic1).

Now the AIs parachutes. After they deploy it, some of the soldiers just disappear and there are only parachutes flying (pic2, pic3, pic4). Like the bodies being detached from the parachute and going straight down, without any position change on X a Y axis, while the chutes seems to be flying normally (pic4). Turned out, that AIs bodies didn't disappear, I found them on tarmac pancaked (pic5). {F20466} {F20467} {F20468} {F20469} {F20470}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Editor a. Add Soldier with some elevation (like 2000) b. Add a parachute (this addBackpack "B_parachute";)
  2. Add multiple copies of that soldier
  3. Preview

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I think your ticket is cleaner than #10249, but the other is already being worked on...maybe your description helps.