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HDR in Night Vision.
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I understand why HDR is in the game. However, when you're using NVGs, the brightness and contrast of the image shouldn't be adjusting itself. It should stay completely static, with the exception of having a means to change the sensitivity of the NVGs as has been possible in previous releases. This would help to greatly increase the realism of the NVGs, and make them more naturally balanced. Instead of getting screwed by a light source making it so you cannot see in a darker area when you normally would if HDR was off, you'd be screwed if you tried to look in that illuminated area at the same sensitivity you needed to see in the dark area. It gives the player the control over their NVGs so they aren't needlessly blinded or unable to see.
Lights should blind people using NVGs (except potentially friendly vehicles, as there are ways to filter headlights now so they do NOT blind friendly units, which helps A) not blind infantry and B) infantry identifying vehicles in the field), and you shouldn't be using them if in a well illuminated area.


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Set the time to midnight on a moonless night. Go to the Airbase, turn on night vision, and walk around the roads behind the base with the streetlamps. Notice how if the foreground and background are illuminated, but where you are actually looking is not, that area will be very, very dark. Move past the illuminated area and keep as little illumination in view as possible and suddenly you can see in the dark again.

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Notice that when things get very bright, the device doesn't adjust contrast or brightness.

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