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Airport shoreline geometery is not smoothed at all and looks unrealistic compared to the rest of stratis
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The geometry at the airport area which is not based on real life has sharp edges which look bad and unrealistic. {F20436} {F20437} {F20438} {F20439} {F20440} {F20441}


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Look at the shoreline around the airfield area.

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Below are 6 pictures of only some of the problem areas.

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Well if there is another one, maybe the pictures can be moved there?

+1 for you're pictures, sorry I was thinking of another one like you, it's an error

Oh, so mine is good?

I think it's OK

Good, as this area of land was created solely by the devs and not off the real island, I hope it can be fixed.

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On the other hand manmade extensions to islands are never going to look natural sculpted by thousands or millions of years of sea/rain/wind erosion, especially if they are made for an industrial use like an airport.

Try looking around “Chek Lap Kok Airport” on Google maps/earth (with photos on) or other reclamations around Hong Kong and other places around the world.

Really about the only thing you could use as criticism is a lack of riprap or the manmade variants (interlocking concrete shapes), but sometimes they are underneath with sand over them IF the area is not often exposed to powerful storms and tilde surges etc.

The edges just look way to sharp.

While in some regard I agree with b101uk, I agree also with your view, that it looks badly fabricated within the map editor, due to the geometric edges at the shoreline.

Some of it goes into being a nit-pick, but it could be revised still.

should be fixed in 1.02 version

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