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Waves do nothing to and does not show on the shoreline
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Waves seem to magically dissipate to flat calm water a few meters from shore when they should be crashes onto the shore and making it difficult for boats to drop people off on shore and launch from a beach because they can be flipped over or pushed back to shore.

Waves also magically shrink down before shore in some places were they get closer to shore when they should get higher as the land below them increases in height.

Pictures down below show the highest possible wave settings with no white caps and no effect on the area near the shore. {F20431} {F20432} {F20433} {F20434} {F20435}


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Set waves to highest level, then place a soldier down and observe the shore.

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This is a big thing for immersion, really ruins a boat mission without this.

I definitely wanted to see this since ArmA 2.

Kinda ruins immersion seeing big waves out at sea, yet a few meters from the beach is perfectly flat and no waves crashing onto the beach, this makes boating new large rock formations in realistically safe in high sea conditions as well.

I should have to fight the surf to leave the beach!

Added pictures showing flat water a few meters from shore with the highest wave settings, this needs to be fixed.

Really decent looking water but not perfect implementation of it (and its physics too). At least for now, hope that it will change.


Despite waves or what ever it is supposed to be or look like, I'm not even convinced that Arma even has water. The water I see and have always seen in Arma is complete child's play.

As a matter of fact Battlefield 2 had better more realistic water. and that game is over 10 years old. This water is absurd rubbish

I would say look at battlefield 4's waves crashing on the shore but I don't think it has that either.

I would say this should be normal priority as this completely breaks the immersion with anything involving water that is not perfectly calm.

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since arma is using physx now BI could use PhysX to simulate the water more propper (dont actually know if its possible with such large areas covered with water so ... yeah)

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upvoted. shoreline itself is just ugly btw...

Still not fixed!

Great, this was reviewed! Mabey we can can finally get some waves crashing on the shoreline now!

Waves cashing in the shore would give a better authentic/realistic feel to the game as well!

I can also say the Ocean lacks white caps when you look across it with waves.

i don't think they know how to make the water beautiful and realistic. It's obviously going to continue to look like poo, because i doubt it was in their budget to fix

Well, I doubt they expected the explosion of feedback tracker issues likely they hadn't even herd before either.

yea, given all the bullshit i don't like about this game i think honestly im fucking done with it. if this shit aint fixed:

the water is still garbage....
the worst for me is their way of "optimization" is killing the dam graphics.
decals from bullets look crappy like a dirt blur wtf. the distant textures suck

Tracers still dont illuminate environment as a light source.

dont forget about that annoying dam aimbot shit above

BTW i'm pretty sure "reviewed" means ignored

Your focusing on all the negative aspects! There are plenty of positive things as well!

Reviewed means it is given to the devs. And when you campare the number of devs Arma has to the number of devs companies have that make games as big as Arma, you will find the Arma 3 dev team is smaller than most.

you will find the Arma 3 dev team is smaller than most.

which means nothing special will come

go play battlefield 3 or some shit then. these guys already do loads; just because they can't give you Christmas doesn't mean you've got to slag them off.

anyways upvoted because I agree and beach assaults/diver missions would be much more interesting!

This is something that at least needs to be attempted to be fixed.

as charlez said. they are not gonna give us Christmas, i guess we should stop begging like 9 year olds rofl

I know, but this is something that should at least be considered for an expansion or dlc to the game.

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The waves look stupid as hell against the shore line, it wouldn't be hard for them to implement this.

@ProGamer - so now we have to pay for the fixes - not just for the content? Ridiculous. It should be fixed in patches along with added features. Not split the players on those who have nice ocean and those who have ugly version. One of the latest ArmA3 interview with Dev proves that they don't want to go that way.
DLC and Expansions only for new armies and campaigns (for example Chinese & Russian modern army with story plot in Asia or whatever)