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Pistol still in hand when reloading m320 sniper rifle.
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While i was working on a report(other report 0010554) for an other bug i found this animation bug. While having a pistol equipped(in hand) and a m320 sniper rifle(on back), place the ammo for the m320 in the ammobox(for the m320) in your inventory. This will start the reload animation, while this animation is playing you can still see the pistol in your left hand(see pictures). {F20424} {F20425} {F20426}


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Equip your character with a pistol and an m320 sniper rifle, have the pistol in hand, go in to your inventory, place the ammo for the m320 sniper rifle in it's ammobox in the inventory screen, this will start the animation and show you the "bug".

Additional Information

Build version 0,71,106998

Additional information is in this report 0010554

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