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Pistol clipping with smg while reloading.
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While i was playing around in editor, i started using VSA(Virtual Ammobox System), i equipped the soldier with a Rook-40 9 mm and a Scorpion EVO-4 9 mm.
I then went to reload while still in the inventory screen. When i placed a 30 round magazine in the ammo spot for the Scorpion i could see the silencer from the Rook-40 sticking out of the scorpion(see picture). {F20414} {F20415} {F20416} {F20417} {F20418}


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Steps To Reproduce

Spawn a soldier, equip a Rook-40 9 mm and a Scorpion EVO-4 9 mm, put silencers on booth of them, have the Rook-40 9 mm equipped while having the inventory screen up, while having the inventory screen up place a 30 round magazine in the Scorpion EVO-4 9 mms ammobox. Doing this results in your charecter switching weapons and reloading the Scorpion EVO-4 9mm. While the reloading animation is playing you can see the silencer of the Rook-40 9 mm sticking out of the magazine on the Scorpion EVO-4 9 mm.

Additional Information

While discovering this i was using VAS(Virtual Ammobox System) and was using the provided mission with the mod(gear_test). The build this bug was spoted on is 0,71,106998.

I have not yet tested this with any other weapons but i will update as soon as i have tried.

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I have found that this glitch works on all weapons(i havent tried every variation of the weapons but this works on all the "base" guns). This bug is also consistent with all the pistols in game.

While testing all these weapons i found a new bug that i will post later in an other report. I will leave the report issue number here when its done.


New report 0010565


Found another bug! Report nr 0010566

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