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Player should move slower when running up the stairs or incline.
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Characters should move slower when running up the stairs or incline.


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1.) Run up the stairs in-game.
2.) It is the same speed as on a flat surface.

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Another unrealistic aspect of this game is players are able to run straight up steep hills at full speed. Even in Battlefield 2, you could not climb steep mountains. I think the engine needs more polish. I don't think this game was ready to be in Beta.

That really isn't a major issue, 007. I haven't seen it giving anyone enough of an advantage to, say, get a kill when they otherwise wouldn't have if it were fixed.

I'm OK if it's not like in the others versions of the serie, causing an automatic slower transition too quickly, have to be smooth and realistic transition relative to the steep and the weight charge of the character.

Another thing maybe need to be in another thread, the same for the transition between jog and run has to have a progressive acceleration.

+1 to the smoother speed transition.

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