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Marshall is too stable in water while shooting main gun
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I tried shooting the maingun of the marshal while beeing floating in the see. There seems to be no change in stability of the vehicle while shooting non stop. It also doesnt seem to depend how the turret is placed. The maingun might be damped but there should at least be some swinging motion which make the weapon platform more instable (less accuracy). I cant imagin the Marshal in water to be as effective as beeing on land with solid ground.


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.. go to editor place marshal in the see and shoot
-> non visible reaction to the shooting as stable as on land

Additional Information

How strong the swinging is due to firing the maingun could depend on turret placement as in 0° postition the damping force along the vehicle body is stronger. In 90° position shooting could become be very unstable after a vey rounds. In ship language .. the sway is much wors than the heave while firering.

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