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Fired Smokescreen in Marshall doesnt block periscope view due to way of rendering smoke
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While standing in the thickes smokescreen gunner hardly sees any smoke through standart view of its periscope. Maby a problem with fov used and distance to smoke screen.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. place Marshal in Editor
  2. fire smokes from driver seat and swap to gunner position
  3. compare 3d view to periscope view

-> periscope view doesnt hinder view much

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Will be probably the same with Marid as it seems to be a general engine draw phenomen with smoke and fov. For Fun try to leave your Vehicle shortly after deploy of smoke. Than look for the spherical smoke clouds rendering the smoke. By pressing right mouse to zoom in you will see that thes spheres get smaller. This is what makes the smokescreen disapeare in the guner view as the fov is here far higher

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I did test this phenomen again and noticed that there actually might another explenation to it. If I look from the outside I see a dense smokescreen inside I see the bubbels but can still see the outside ... maby if your standing inside the bubbels the textur isnt shown as its drawn only on the outside which is invisible from the inside? Well whatever the reason is it should be fixed.

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