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Horrible game performance in multiplayer
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Hello, my computer meets the reqs and can run Arma 3 with tons of AI players on 100% rendering with 30-50 FPS. BUT when i join a online game with like 5 people
i have to turn my rendering to 50% and it still does 3-8 FPS. WHY THE DROP!?!
I cant enjoy a game i paid 30$ for and thats upsetting :(


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Can Run Battlefield Games, no problem

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I think you use mods, for idk what reason some mods cause really bad performance in multiplayer, for me it work well, but i have trying to play with a friend, he have installed 1 or 2 mods i don't remember and the game was totally unplayable cause of the bad framerate, he have try in the editor and it work without problems, and back to the same server (if i remember it is but i'm not sure about) and the game get good framerate when mods was deleted, try it, if its the cause, try to find wish one cause this by delete only one (just rename the mods folder or put the main folder of the mods "@modsname" inside another folder (like "save") and try each one by one.
Anyway if the problem come with the mods (if after delete or move all main mod folder inside another folder for example it stop to lag in Multiplayer) you can give more information to the dev team and get your problem solve !
And sadly if you can't play without mods at least you will still be able to play.

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