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Optional mandible guards and visors for helmets along with the other possible attachments.
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I was thinking about possible features yesterday that could be added to arma 3, when i remembered Revision Military had these MPAS (Modular Protection Attachment System) helmets and all that, as they are modular helmets that which have slots for visors and mandible guards and these have the usual slots for NVGs etc.

As what I've heard that there is already coming multiple attachments, flashlights etc. for the helmets. So why not add optional mandible guards to helmets or with/without visors as well. They don't necessarily have to be "attachments" to the helmets.

I've always thought that the usual helmets are too vulnerable in the front for the user so I'd rather wear fullface protection than just 2/3 of the possible protection.

What I'm requesting as a possible feature is mandible guards with a possibility to add visors w/o also for helmets.

I don't know though will it fit in, but it could possibly give you some little protection to headtrauma or just be a little cosmetic addition.

Afterall this is my very optional request, but I would like the idea of fullface protection helmets for infantry along with the bulletproof vests etc.


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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, juggernauts!!!!!!!!!

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This idea makes me wonder if all types of gear could have attachments eventually.
Could give ability for users to select what pouches they want to have in their "modular" vests, possibly also giving visual reference on what unit is carrying. For example player has a FAK in the inventory -> the player also has medical pack visible on his vest. Same could go for grenade pouches, mag pouches or even the radio.
Maybe even option to attach visible rank or name patches to players' uniforms dynamically...

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