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Different colors for SQUAD mates and SQUAD LEADERS on map and HUD
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I think instead of ALL friendly players being blue, you should have your squad show up as green dots. I think this would increase more squad base team-play because you will know where they are more often than not. Sure you get the Hexagons but I think this would just really help at long range.

Also having a different shape and/or color for the squad leader on the HUD instead of the grey Hexagon would be awesome, this would suggest more of a "chain-of-command" or who maybe you should follow. I think this would significantly increase squad-play.


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There are icons to show Squad Leaders, Team Leaders, Medics, etc. Differing colors for each will create a rainbow on the map. Learn the icons =)

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Agree with Cypher. This game is about realism. I dont think having a "rainbow on the map" as Cypher put it would add to that realism.

I literally have only seen hexagons for everybody.

As for the rainbows, I think you guys read it different.

Only the people in your squad would show up as green, everyone else blue. Like I said, the squad leader doesn't NEED a different color. I think a different icon would work fine (unless I'm missing something as you suggested) so that makes how many colors 3 or 4? Red, Blue, a little bit of yellow for civilians(which there really aren't any of), and what 8 green dots?! That's a rainbow alright. Just think about how many dots there would be real quick of each color. All your really doing is adding a FEW green ones.

I see no rainbow here.

Wow I'm dumb, I just noticed or really payed attention to the icons on the HUD. Is till think having your squad as green would be nice on the map.

you can customise the colour of icons on arma 3 in options. maybe try that?

Yeah you can, but you can;t change the icons or YOUR squad, only everybody on your team

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