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All subtitles and Chat are missing !
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It happened right after the Beta came out on normal build. Before that I was playing dev build beta and I was ok. The moment I switched to normal build Beta - I had no subs in-game. Everything is enabled in the menu, but I still have no radio subs and no chat. Even the VON names not showing on screen when speaking.

I an exact same thread here and I saw a moderator delete it due to issue resolved. The issue is not resolved for me and I was searching for answer here with no luck. Please advise !


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N/A, it's always there.

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I have tried switching to a new dev build and back to normal build, but no help. Some of my friends created a new profile and it helped, but it didnt help me. I created it and didnt copy any files so there is no old broken code, had to rebind all the keys and options, but no luck !

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