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Green faction 1911-style pistol incorrectly has hammer forward.
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Any 1911 style handgun has the hammer back when loaded. It is a single action trigger; it is impossible for the hammer to be forward and a round to be in the chamber.


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The only possible time a hammer can be in the forward position is when the weapon has been racked with no ammunition fed and then the hammer dropped by the trigger. This is of course notwithstanding the split second after firing when the hammer drops and is subsequently racked back again by the slide. The only other way to achieve a dropped hammer is to forcibly stop the handgun from operating after firing; causing an empty cartridge to be in the chamber and the hammer down.

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If it's a single-action the hammer should be back. I can't imagine any time in-game in which the hammer should be in the forward position.

Looks like someone from BIS has to go edit the 3D model and rotate the hammer to the correct position.

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