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Add option: "Player as X; playable as Y"
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At the moment, when placing a unit in the editor, there is only two options "Playable as X" and "Player as X".

Please add an option so you can have the player as one billet, but other billets playable as well.

For example, Comanche placed in editor "Player as gunner, playable as pilot".


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.........and why?

Maybe it should be made "checkbox style" instead of listbox? Or even better two listbox - one "player/ai" and other "playable as"

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Related to 0010416.

because even though you are right, this thing hasn't been added, its WAY too little of a feature like to be used, besides, if you are in the commanding seat of an armored, you can move to any position you like, and its partially added into the game, if you add yourself as the pilot of an MH-9, you can use the co pilot as a playable too

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