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GPS - inside APC
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I believe that it is important to be able to use GPS inside armoured vehicles(in a similar way like it is now inside choppers).I'm sure they have TFT screens inside and appropriate equipment. It's even more strange, that when using 3rd view you can turn on the gps.


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GPS on TFT displays in vehicle wold be great

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It would be really nice to be possible devs :P, rly. From first person view you don't see much, so having gps on would be very helpful!

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it is needed...

I'd describe the issue differently. As far as I understand, you cannot use the GPS while in "optics" mode (was already the case in the previous games).
Turns out, when you're in an armed vehicle (with no interior, or simply in a gunner seat for example) you are forced into "optics" view, which in turns prevents you from using the GPS.

But it's also annoying to have the GPS open as an infantry man, aim at somebody, have the GPS close, and have to open it again.

So, IMO, that issue boils down to allowing the GPS to show even when using optics.
Then again, it might look strange.

Byku added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 7:33 PM

Yeah i totally agree.

In reality there are many systems that have a GPS, moving map, and even a datalink such as FBCB2.

Yes it should be avaible in game.