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Door closes after exiting Mohawk
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If you open the doors on the Mohawk helicopter and get in as pilot, co pilot or ride in the back, when you exit the helicopter the door will be closed. No matter what seat you have it will allways resolt in the doors being closed. If you enter as pilot or co pilot the left side door will be closed when exiting. If you enter the helicopter to ride in the back and then exits the right side door will be closed. When exiting the Mohawk you will allways exit on the right side, even if you entered on the left side of the helicopter. I havent yet tried this with more then one player.


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Spawn empty Mohawk, open doors, enter helicopter, get out or eject

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I do not know if this is how its supposed to be or if its a bug but i wanted to report it just in case.

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I have now tried this "bug" with more than one player and i can confirm that this "bug" i persistent even if there is someone left in the helicopter.

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