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Abrupt movements while AI controls helicopters
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When AI flies a helicopter, the pitch movement is in bits, very clumsy and visible. While we as human players are naturally restricted to using a keyboard, why do AI suffer from this? It looks rather funny when a chopper moves in bits and not continuously.


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Put AI in a chopper and order to fly in a straight line.

Alternatively, watch the Ghosthawk disappear after drop off in the mission 'Combined Arms Showcase'. (Added by Tupolov)

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This is clearly seen in the combined arms showcase, where the AI controlled transport Heli, "rocks" back and forth during level flight.

Thanks Tupolov - adding that to the description.

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Yes, the AI helicopter controls are very sharp and not smooth. It makes it very difficult to target objects when it moves so sharply. What would be great is if the AI pilot spots targets and then setup up correctly for a gun run/missile attacks. At times when you are targeting a person or vehicle the helicopter will go into a hover (usually in the wrong direction). As soon as you switch the targeting off the AI pilot will continue flying.

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