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Export map to image
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TL;DR: Map to image export, no moddable solution, likely easy to implement (already in A2), major benefits: Tactical Map-Images for custom maps, Posters, Google Maps-style Online Viewer.

Why to vote up?

  • Easy to implement, could have major impact on online services, already implemented in A2
  • Ever planned an operation on printed maps before? Yes, exactly!


  • As in ArmA2, there should be a way of exporting the complete map as an image (The Map View, not Satellite View).


  • Already exists in ArmA2, the 'TOPOGRAPHY' cheat can do exactly this, but the gridsystem is wrong (which is really bad).
  • BI ships digital Print-Maps: Functionality is very likely to be already in the game.

If BI ships digital maps, they will not implement this!

  • This is not supposed to be against BI, it's about tactical maps for custom maps.

Why a Patch?

  • There is NO way to create a mod or any feasible solution for this

Benefits, possible use:

  • Online Map Viewers (Google Maps Style)
  • Online Tactical Maps to draw in
  • Posters / Prints of a custom map.
  • Much better tactical planing


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Possible Features:

  • Enable/Disable gridsystem to image
  • Adjust level of detail
  • Export to vector based image (@wickedinsane)

Possible Implementation:

  • via 'cheat' like in ArmA2
  • via startparameter: -exportmap="map.png" -enablegrids -detaillevel=2

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BIS sells it as a item in Deluxe edition

coati added a comment.Jun 26 2013, 4:43 PM

Its main target are custom maps and the image quality will not reach the standards of the map included in the bundle, but that's not the main purpose. Multiple tools could be made around high res map images.

EDIT: Maybe i misunderstood this. It really means that the functionality is already on board but not freely accessible for all users, i guess.

@CXN2615 Digital deluxe vers?

a vector export into svg/ai would be great

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+1 this would be really helpful for users in all sorts of ways.

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lulebe added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 5:57 PM

Yes, and for the digital deluxe issue, they could just make it so that it only works for non-BI maps, so if you're trying to do it on Altis or Stratis or some Map they add via an Addon, it will either do nothing or say "This is only available in Digital Deluxe Edition, sorry!".
On the other hand, they could just implement it, because the Digital Dexule Edition maps will be posted by a Digital Deluxe Owner on some forums on release date.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 6:33 PM

Upvoted, but only if it will be for non-BI maps. I payed for the digital deluxe version for a reason.

Oh they can do it like everyone does

deluxe version -> super mega high def images ultra big size
export to jpg -> normal jpeg normal size.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 9 2013, 2:59 PM

Isn't .jpg also HD?

jpeg = lossy compression of variable quality

You need at least .tiff . Could be a nice feature, also you should be able to export it as a georeferenced image (.geotiff) so you can use it in ArcMap or GlobalMapper.

I'm looking for this kind of stuff. would be great in many ways!