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picked up "Rangefinder" won't work
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If you equip more than one "Rangefinder" in a Ammocrate or any other Cargoholder (Vehicle oder Chopper) as Cargo, the "Rangefinder" won't work.


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Equip a Ammocrate with a Rangefinder as Cargo:
this addWeaponCargo ["Rangefinder", 1];

Pick it up and test.

Equip a Ammocrate with two or more Rangefinder as Cargo:
this addWeaponCargo ["Rangefinder", 2];

Pick it up and test.

No Rangefinder from the Crate with more than 1 will work.

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You're German, right?

Right, i am a german.

Noticed the same, problem also occurs for the Laserdesignator. /upvoted

Upvoted. It's not addressed yet.

Doesn't the Rangefinder/Laser Designator need a battery to work?

@InstaGoat: That's right, but for me it doesn't even work when I have batteries with me in above mentioned case.


You can take Laserbatteries as much as you want. The Laserdesignator will not work properly.

this addWeaponCargo ["Laserdesignator", 5];
No one of these will work!

this addWeaponCargo ["Laserdesignator", 1];
this addWeaponCargo ["Laserdesignator", 1];
this addWeaponCargo ["Laserdesignator", 1];
this addWeaponCargo ["Laserdesignator", 1];
this addWeaponCargo ["Laserdesignator", 1];
These will work!

the bug is still there - in the release version( 21.09.2013) but the workaround above works very well to create a working Laserdesingator or Rangefinder .

Workaround isn't working for me. I wonder, when I finally will be able to make a mission without "Oh, right, they didn't fixed that bug yet, though it was reported like ages ago". :\

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Unable to reproduce in the mission editor, using Dev build.

What doesn't work?
Doesn't appear in crate, can't pick it up, can't equip it, can't look through it?

Look like, they fixed it.