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Unable to get into disabled vehicle
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While testing aircraft in the editor, I allowed the rotor blades to contact the ground while spinning. This caused the aircraft to be immediately disabled. I then got out of the aircraft's pilot seat and attempted to enter the gunner seat, but was unable to enter the aircraft altogether. This was performed while in the "Blackfoot".


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Open the editor and place an empty AH-99 BLACKFOOT. Get in the aircraft as the pilot and come to a 5 foot hover. Roll the aircraft to strike the rotor blades on the ground a few times until the aircraft is disabled (not destroyed). Exit the helicopter and attempt to re-enter it as the pilot or gunner.

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I highly recommend incorporating the ability to enter any vehicle regardless of it's operability. (Unless it's COMPLETELY destroyed, that is)

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I agree, It's pretty annoying to not even be able to operate a mounted gun on a vehicle just because all the wheels are shot off or the engine is broken. As the report says, there should be no limitations on entering any seat in a vehicle unless the vehicle has blown up.

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Known issue, already reported.