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Aircraft external view restriction
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When you are in a chopper and use the external view, you can hold ALT to rotate the view around and look behind you, or sideways, or whatever. But the view gets stuck at about 80 degrees. I wish it would let you to continue rotating so you could look at the other direction, rather than having to rotate it all the way back around to the front and then go the other way.


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The current method is more realistic. This would cause a lot of issues in dogfighting with people using external views to see their sixes.

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I hate you people, idiots.

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And its not realistic at all. Unless you think its realistic to climb out your plane and fly along side it watching yourself... Moron.

Maybe I didn't phrase this properly. Allowing someone to be able to do that is a problem because you can't turn your head that far in real life. Furthermore, you are just acting like a troll, and won't win anyone over with this kind of behaviour. I strongly suggest cutting the name calling, as it doesn't help your case at all, and just makes *you* look like an asshole.

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Maybe I didn't phrase this properly, YOU ARE A MORON. You already have an external view that can look at any angle. So it's already unrealistic. Furthermore, fuck you asshole, and all the other little prick assholes who downvote this every time I post it. It's a tiny basic feature that I would like and it would have ZERO IMPACT on the gameplay, but you people can't help but act like snooty dick heads because you're a bunch of nose pickers with nothing better to do.

I'd like to see third person turned off completely. It's unrealistic, is a cheat method, and obviously attracts the wrong kind of players.

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I'd like to see your jibber jabber turned off completely. Moron.

please stay calm

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