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HET (Heavy Equipment Transport System)
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The HEMTT truck is not a vehicle for moving heavy tanks, trucks, structures and other vehicles around. So I suggest the vehicle which can transport even the HEMTT truck! The HET truck can move over APCs, tanks and air vehicles to the battle or salvage them due to the HET truck being armored and what makes this vehicle more amazing is that it can easily be transported by large transport aircraft. This is a real mans truck! But wait, if you haven't been sold yet it meets emission standards! Thats right, no more climate change!


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Open editor,
Crash your APC,
Crash your HEMTT truck,
Now try to retrieve/ salvage these vehicles while under fire.
Sadly no profit yet :(

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Read up about this must have vehicle:
Studies show people like videos with music and baddass vehicles:

This truck is made by the same company who made the MTVR from Arma 2.

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b101uk added a subscriber: b101uk.May 7 2016, 2:57 PM

HEMTT comes in addition to the one you mostly see in RL, as a tractor units and a recovery vehicle, between them IF the need arises they can handle basic recovery of vehicles on the battlefield, however tanks and other large vehicles actually on the front line are normally recovered by engineer tractors like M88 Hercules ARV as the HET simply won’t get to most “off-road” places tracked vehicles or even wheeled APC can get to yet alone get back out with something heavy on the trailer when the trailer has NO driven wheels and just acts as a giant anchor to sink in any soft ground.

HET’s would normally operate to/from engineer FOB and mostly do transport to/from rearward positions, while recovery from forwards positions is normally handled by ARV’s and HEMTT recovery vehicle for lighter stuff first before a HET would get near it, that not to say that HETs don’t go forward, they do but only to recover stuff on/next to roads and other hard surface tracks or areas which normally means something else has dragged the object to be recovered there first out of the firing line so has thus done the primary recovery.

As a basic rule of thumb, if a tracked or AWD vehicle has driven somewhere off-road and broken down then you need something of a similar ilk to recover it to a position lesser capable but faster vehicles can take over, if it’s on the battlefield and you are under fire you need a comparable armoured vehicle which the HET is not.

BUT for A3 a HET wouldn’t add anything that couldn’t be achieved by making an additional version of the HEMTT or making either a medium or heavy ARV and slightly changing the vehicle repair support class so that engineers vehicles are required for major track/wheel or engine damage that can be repaired there while anything more than mild hull/turret damage would require recovery to a main base or a place with a main repair point.

Other notable ARV is the CRARRV based on the Challenger MBT platform showing the primary method of battlefield heavy recovery.

Bee8190 added a subscriber: Bee8190.May 7 2016, 2:57 PM

I think A2 was already due wit this kind of support vehicle and once the main, big ass island altis come about, it would be nice to be able to get our tanks to the front line sooner


You logic I am a afraid just doesn’t stack up in the real word regarding relatively hilly 270km2 island with tight roads, it would actually be MUCH faster to drive the dam tank everywhere rather than load/unload it on something that makes it more than twice as long and just as wide but that cuts in on corners even IF the trailer steers that has just 1/2 the power while moving >1.5 times the weight, the logic only works on major roads with very few hills and tight corners.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:57 PM

A long long time ago we had this on this page

good luck

And please keep me informed if one of you (after permission)is remaking this addon for A.III

Maybe i can help