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Use the GPS inside the submarine
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Use the GPS diver inside the submarine, it is impossible, but it is sometimes very important!
Especially when we are with the doors open and we want to orient ourselves without on-board instrumentation.


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this game is a simulator, if its not possible, its not gonna be added

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GPS works in the SDV in game.

In the real life SDV it has an auto pilot and an autonomous mode, which will follow an uploaded route via GPS (primary) and/or the inertial navigation system [INS] (secondary) via the integrated bridge system [IBS]

Therefor intrinsically if you near the surface thus have GPS or if you are >15m depth so don’t and are using the inertial navigation system the moving map display will tell you exactly where you are, the error of the inertial navigation system is +- 0.5 meters precision after 12 nautical miles undersea.

So in the game about the only way to improve it, would be to add a selectable page to the MFDs in the SDV that displays a larger version of the normal GPS image or to have a secondary GPS image background used specifically by boats/subs to mimic a marine chart with spot depth and undersea obstructions etc marked.

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It is exactly what i hope to find in the final version of arma.