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Please issue soldiers with TWO lungs
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For some reason, a soldier, a FULLY TRAINED SOLDIER, wearing just his underwear (or shorts and a t-shirt) and carrying nothing but a pistol, seems to get short of breath, blurry vision. and a loud pounding sound in his ears, after

Sprinting for 20 yards. (ok. 30)
CrouchRunning (one stance down) for 40 yards.
Crouchwalking practially ANY distance uphill.


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Load editor. spawn character. Pick a direction. run. try to sholder weapon and shoot.

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Dat summary.

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Unable to reproduce. Without any gear, 200m sprint in 30s with not that much fatigue. 200m sprint in 33s with only pistol, still able to aim pretty good.

With full loadout: stops sprinting after 150m, lots of fatigue.

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I can confirm that I also have issues with that.
A light loaded soldier will breath heavily for me after
just a few meters of jogging or tactical pace walking.

I wrote it in some other ticket that to me it really feels
like the ArmA 3 soldiers are a bunch of pu**ies.

Fix it please!

Dupe of #8909