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Unknown crash ingame today on beta, it crashes for me an also crashed my server a cpl times as well not sure if it's the beta/the server or something else. {F20291} {F20292} {F20293}


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note it's the Beta

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Do you have .bidmp file too? arma3_2013-06-25_12-53-49.bidm
If you have it, can you please upload somewhere? When it will be too big, so use some free share service and post link here. Thank you.

There u go that's from recent crash just happened less than 5 mins ago

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I have too the same bugs ,the Game Crashes without any reason and Windows open the Debugg Console.

Was u buy any chance playing a French version of Domination with Para jump flags?

Are you able reproduce this crash and write some steps to reproduce? Thank you.

Only step I can reproduce with was playin Domination that I had on the server. Seems to me like I was in the MI48 that I know for sure on final one but others seemed to be just random crashes that either crashed me an or the server. I have since done a complete server re-install as suggested via jestervers an the ArmA3Admins grp on Skype. just player for over an hr with no issue but will continue to monitor. From what I recall it seemed that servers goin from dev(beta) to full beta without re-install might have caused part of it but I can't confirm an that's just what I've heard thru jestervers.
"On 6/26/2013 3:43:14 AM Jest wrote:
If it's been crashing, may be best to do a full reinstall from TCAdmin (Reinstall button is there now)
May not be related, but others on the skype channel recommended it.
Be sure to download your arma3server.cfg for safe keeping, as it will wipe everything out."

Having a funny feeling that the Domination being ran is what is causing this to crash(not 100%) sure but got some funny things happening in the game like friendly ai taken over bunkers in the main AO than crash. Also noticed that b4 hand thered be a weird audible noise than my right ear piece on my headset would quit all of this at the same time just b4 crash.

To linkinx: Do you have .bidm file too? I need them. Thank you.

I don't, re installed Windows yesterday, and the file is gone, I will try to replicate it today.

To linkinx: It is different crash, please create new report for them please. Thank you.

To Call_911: Nothing usefull in crashdump, do you have more crashdumps?

astaroth anything I can do to stop the crashes?

Yes, can you upload new crashdumps somewhere? Thank you.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please create a new ticket referencing this one and request for it to be re-opened.