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Chat not appearing in game
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Noticed this in dev build of beta. Than it has continued on into full beta today. Basically the chat that I type in mp does not appear for me in the chat messages field though other players can see it I can't see the chat messages. It also doesn't display things like #userlist or admin chat commands so it's very hard/frustrating trying to admin a server.


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Game version is beta though below it ask for version but Beta isn't displayed

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Have you enabled stream-safe mode, by any chance?

I believe so I read the post in the forumns about that. I switched profiles so maybe that's it, I wasn't aware that would affect ingame chat as the new profile it didn't seem to interfere with. Will check to make sure.

Yup that's confirmed turning it off, problem solved. Thanx.

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I'm having problems with the chat too and when I send a group to another player, I can not send because the players are all with the nick | PLAYER | In the list of people on the server. And also I'm having a problem with the sound that the titan makes when it's locking on the target and the sound of the helicopter when it's coming missel does not whistle to warn