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UH-80 Ghosthawk - ropes
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Well I know there could be a script for that that you can actually add to heli but not everyone knows that scrip neither not all want to edit any vehicle by scripts to work as they want to, this touches ropes on UH-80 Ghosthawk, they don't exist in action menu and in my opinion it should, on Arma 1, Arma 2 even in flashpoint there was mods and scripts that added ropes to any transport heli, it worked enough good to be playable and helped many times on battlefield when fast evac was needed.


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I know that someone could say that its not so much needed and we can add ropes by scripts but I say NO, I don't want to edit every heli with weird scripts just to make ropes work, besides every mod even the best will be working not so good as it would work if it would be done by BI integrated already in standard heli's as another tactical action.

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Fast roping has already been requested. Closing.