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Deploying landing gear
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I think that we should be able to control the landing gear, at least of attack helicopters.
The aim of the slanted body, hidden weapons and wheels is to provide effective defense against radar pings. Therefore by having the wheels out it ruins the radar reducing design of the helicopter.
Therefore when doing a pop-up attack over a ridge, having the wheels down whilst you are "hull down" is silly, because you are more likely to be detected by radar along the ridge length or in the surrounding area.
Due to the automatic wheel lowering system currently in place when you do the above movement, the wheels come out.
Therefore I would like to suggest a few things, either the landing gear comes down only when the ground is flat, unlike it does at the moment. There is a button to raise and lower the gear, or a button to lock the gear in the raised position. I think this is necessary to improve the authenticity of the game when using the attack helicopters.


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