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HEMTT riders can teleport between cabin and bed
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When riding in the forward cabin of a HEMTT, those inside the cabin can move to the rear bed.


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1.) Hop in the front cabin of a HEMTT.
2.) Move to the rear bed using the "move to passenger" action.
3.) This should not be possible without disembarking from the HEMTT.

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The HEMTT has a roof hatch, which in RL shares mounting hardware with some coaxial guns mounted on slue rings, is also serves as an easy way to get to the top of the engine cover and beyond and is also used as an escape hatch.

On some of my truck that have been ex-military or military derived, it was easier to open the roof hatch climb out then jump in the back to retrieve something than it was to exit by the door and walk around to the back then to climb in etc etc.

Thanks for the info, b101uk. It would be better if they showed an animation showing the riders moving between the bed and cabin.

As it is now, they appear to be teleporting, ala sci-fi. The option to move should also only be allowed when the HEMTT is stationary, not moving.

EDIT: I just checked the HEMTT's roof hatch in-game, it appears to be bolted shut. Or, is it supposed to look that way?

pettka added a comment.Jul 9 2013, 7:29 PM

The issue has been addressed in current development branch update and should be in next Arma 3 Beta update. Could You, please, confirm the fix and close the issue?

Mass close.