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Jerky Animations
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See this video:

Every sitting animation I place on the guy in that chair, he is Jerky. I have not tried this anywhere else, with any other animations except the sitting ones.

I used the attachTo command, the setDir command and the switchMove command.

What is rather strange is that there is a cutscene before the part in the video. It shows both guys sitting down, the player and G1.

The player is attached to his chair, with setDir as normal, and also using a switchMove sitting animation.

The player's animation is smooth, the AI's is not.

I am unsure if this is a problem that exists elsewhere. {F20252}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Grab an AI unit to sit on the chair, name him G1
  2. Get an empty chair and name it chair1
  3. Place the following commands in your init.sqf (Mine is in my Mission1.sqf)

Attaches G1 to chair1
G1 attachTo [chair1,[0,-0.15,-0.5]]

//Rotates G1 in relative direction to chair1
G1 setDir 180

Plays the sitting animation
G1 switchMove "InBaseMoves_SittingRifle1"

Run the mission as another unit watching G1.

Additional Information

*Game Version: ArmA 3 Beta Dev

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I've added a repro mission that's slightly different than your repro but seems to be the same issue. It looks like attached objects get simulated at reduced speed now.