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official JavaScript support in Arma 3 engine
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It's better to official support JavaScript in Arma 3 engine than Java. Because JavaScript is a prototype-based scripting language that is dynamic, is type safe, and has first-class functions. So it's much friendly to common community programmers which are outnumbers advanced native Java programmers. Also JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles, which is powerful enough for difficult programming tasks.
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JavaScript for ARMA addon.



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Not sure if Javascript is 'better' than Java, however I do agree that it's an easier and more common programming language.

I'm currently working with the JS addon and it works great, even with the current limitations and missing native support (so can't access core variables).

Native support and/or an improvement in the callExtension interface would be great !

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Maybe if they enable javascript support in the dialogs at least.

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