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Mines don't explode, when you shooting on it.
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My friend created a killhouse and there was a tripwire mine, I shooted on the mine, but the mine don't explode. I think that is a blacklog and would like to fix it.

In czech:

Můj kamarád vytvořil killhouse a tam byla mina, střelil jsem do ní a ta mina neexplodovala. Myslím, že je to nedodělané a chtělo by to zpravit.

Thanks Digimon555

P.S.: That is translated by Google


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-Place a mine (Tripwire or Claymore)
-Shoot on it

No expoding

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Miny po střelbě normálně explodují, zkus do ní 2x vystřelit.

Já osobně do ní střílel automatikou, z MX a vypotřeboval 1/4 zásobníku.

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Ted jsem to vyzkoušel. Po střelbě vybuchují, ale potřeboval jsem na to 10 nábojů ze zbraně Katiba, to je fakt. Být tebou, změnil bych tvůj návrh, že miny sice vybuchují, ale vybuchují až po nereálně moc ranách :)

English: I just told that mines explodes, but you need a lot of ammo for...

Isn't this realistic? I thought pressure mines only detonate when enough weight is placed on them?

The APERS mines explode when shot, but tripwire mines don't. I'm not sure if this is a bug or is it intended.

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I am not a demolition specialist but, Most military grade explosives are stable
enough and will not explode if fired upon. You probably need extreme heat or an
electrical spark to make it explode.

A few bullet impacts should not cause an explosion as far as I know.
unless by some fluke of luck the bullet caused some spark, or it is
a very highly unstable explosive.

Like I said I am not expert on this, but it seems logical to me.

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It's just a matter of damage, with a .50 cal it takes two shots to detonate a tripwire mine.

I don't think it should be that much. Make the mine either explode by one or two 5.56 shots or make it not explode at all.

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